ABIO CO., LTD. puts basic skin care in top priority.
Through ceaseless research and development, we will improve technology competitiveness and will take leadership of pursuing the values of customers’ lives.
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Main points of technology

Create healthy beauty.
Add eight more beauty techniques for you.

How could healthier beauty be created?
As the result of research on how to improve beauty,
eight techniques whose efficacy was approved were applied.

Vitamin C Hydrogel Technique
Hydrogel vitamin C, unlike other vitamin C solutions, helps out skin penetration for the fast effect.
Microbubble pore cleaning
Microbubles of deep cleanser is excellent at pore cleaning and moisturization.
Skin turnover normalization
The turnover cycle of skin gets normal through the improvement in the epidermis.
Prevention of cakey make-up
The healthy corneum with transparent layer prevents a make-up from being cakey.
Antioxidation technology (BMS)
The patented technology ‘BMS’ of removing active oxygen produces the antioxdiation effect.
Low-temperature stabilization of vitamin C serum
Hydrogel vitamin C serum suppresses oxygen movement in a solution and keeps stabilizing vitamin C serum at a low temperature (4~8℃) for more than one year.
No skin irritation
BMS cream and deep cleanser are judged to have no skin irritation. They can be applied with safety.
Creation of transparent layer
The skin transparent layer is recovered through the normalization of skin turnover cycle.