ABIO CO., LTD. puts basic skin care in top priority.
Through ceaseless research and development, we will improve technology competitiveness and will take leadership of pursuing the values of customers’ lives.

This brand was developed from the idea according to which the cream using the unique ingredient of the company was effective at skin improvement.
It alleviates a troubled skin nine days after its application. As a cosmeceuticals product for skin soothing,
it is the brand for customers who have a troubled skin and need to soothe their skin.

Nine Day Miracle Cure Set helps to find a skin’s normal turn-over cycle and improve a skin through three-step
(cure facial washing step – cure 1st step – cure 2nd step) care, rather than removing dead skin cells intentionally.

Main ingredients of Cure 1st Step

Bamboo extract

- Helpful to moisturize a skin and improve a skin tone
- Helpful to reduce skin hypersensitive reaction and to tighten a skin


- Helpful to improve a skin tone and to prevent moisture loss (prevent itching caused by dryness)
- Helpful to enhance a skin barrier (make a skin healthy)

Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract

- High moisture content and rich vitamin C & E
- Helpful to make a skin vital and enhance pore elasticity

Main ingredients of Cure 2nd Step


- patented ingredients

Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract

- Stabilization of natural plant products, Helpful to improve a skin tone, moisturize a skin, prevent skin oxidization and wrinkle generation, soothe a skin, and protect a skin

Licorice Extract

- Helpful to improve skin immunity, Helpful to antibacterial function and skin soothing
- Suppression of Tyrosinase activity for preventing a melanin increase

The secret of your constant beauty is offered by ABIO CO., LTD.