ABIO CO., LTD. puts basic skin care in top priority.
Through ceaseless research and development, we will improve technology competitiveness and will take leadership of pursuing the values of customers’ lives.

The new brand, which is applicable to persons who need the high efficacy of PALMIGA and young people who need to make their skin healthy,
is the compound word of [CURE + PLENTY]. With the slogan of natural skin treatment only for you from rich nature, the brand was developed to be optimized to hot and
humid, and dry climate conditions in Korea through the improvement in product shape.

Curenty 5 Step Care SET is a product that can take care of your skin step by step.
Consisting of five-steps, it’s a set that allows you to take care of your skin during both day and night.
Curenty was developed and manufactured in Korea. BMS, our patent registration technology, is extracted from natural substances and soothes the skin.

*BMS [Bio Mesoseopic System]
BMS has its own unique scent. It is a novel technology shows outstanding reaction regarding the control of free oxygen in the skin, taking advantage of the principle that the substance's unique components change when it decomposes.

STEP 01_Curenty Amino Deep Cleanser (100ml)
Amino acid's weak acidity (Ph 5.5) cleansing foam helps to remove dead skin cells naturally and creates a transparent layer of skin. It is manufactured with amino acids, the basic ingredient of skin protein.
Fine micro-sized bubbles can be used to clean the pores. It is a non-irritating, high-function cleanser that can be used from general skin to problematic skin.

How to Use
Wash your hands thoroughly before use.
Take an appropriate amount and mix with a small amount of lukewarm water to wash off the foam. Micro bubble occurs with dense foam and turns into a rich foam after pore cleaning.

STEP 02_Curenty Exo Vita Serum (30ml)
Curenty EXO Vitamin C Serum is a stable serum even at room temperature, and is colorless and transparent. When used alone, it can quickly penetrate the skin due to the exothermic phenomenon of vitamin C. During this time, the effectiveness of vitamins is better delivered through heat, and you can use it as a booster serum.
When you use it with the Curenty Hydra Pepta Serum, you can feel the synergy effect of vitamin C and peptide, thus allowing you to experience changes in your skin faster.

How to Use
Use it as a skin booster serum when using it alone.
You can feel the absorption boosting effect of the next skincare product.
When using the Curenty Hydra Pepta Serum, mix it with the same amount and gently massage it for absorption.

STEP 03_Curenty Hydra Pepta Serum (30ml)
Curenty Hydra Pepta Serum is a product created through the most optimal combination of peptide and coenzyme Q10 to enhance the effectiveness of Curenty Exo Vita Serum.
Curenty Hydra Pepta Serum, which provides a moisturizing nourishment, can be synergized when used with Curenty EXO Vita Serum.

How to Use
Experience a synergistic effect by using it with Curenty Exo Vita Serum.
When using with Curenty So Vita Serum, take the same amount and mix well and massage gently to absorb.
You can also feel the hydrating-nutritive effects of peptide and coenzyme Q10 when used alone.

STEP 04_Curenty Vital Firming Cream (50ml)
It is a cream that helps strengthen the skin barrier using our company’s antioxidant (BMS) to help improve the skin.
BMS, our patent registration technology, has been registered in the International Cosmetics Standards.
BMS is extracted from natural substances and soothes the skin.

How to Use
Apply an appropriate amount of cream to your face and massage it. The more you rub, the more BMS is activated, which helps your skin.

STEP 05_Curenty Aqua Moisturizer (50ml)
It creates a moisture protection layer on the skin and provides moisture and bright skin for a long time.
Feel the pore convergence and skin soothing effects through natural plant extracts.
Using the Curenty series at the final stage maintains the skin's moisture balance.

How to Use
Use it in the final stage of the Curenty 5-Step Care set.
If you apply an appropriate amount to your skin and pat it lightly, you can feel the moisture quickly.
Sometimes if the Curenty EXO Vita Serum is feels itchy or dry on your skin, you can apply it before the Curenty Exo Vita Serum.